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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nate Berkus Looking Glass Mirror Spray





I love Nate Berkus (really, what crafter doesn't?) but on March 28th he opened my eyes to a (seemingly) wonderful product by Krylon called Looking Glass Mirror-Like Aerosol Spray.  Although I have not tried it yet, I have posted the video segment for all to enjoy.  

However, be warned:
1. You can not find it in any hardware store (including Lowes or Home Depot), they simple do not carry it.  They do carry metallic sprays and metals, but I didn't adventure into trying those because they do not say "mirror like". 

2. Watch the can size.  I have post the Amazon link in order to purchase this cool spray, but it is a 6 ounce can.  That is 1/2 the size of your normal spray can of 12 ounces.  If you take note to the shipping weight, it says 1.6 ounces (if someone might explain to me why shipping weight is less than the can?) 

3.  Only seems to work on glass.  That leaves my wood designs out.... but maybe it does work on plastic or metal.  I think they just list "glass" as the main surface, but any non-absorbant surface would seem to work. (like I said, leaves my wood out).

Please enjoy.... I thought this was pretty cool! 

Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint on Amazon


  1. i have been looking everywhere for this spray as well. perhaps we will have to write in to the Nate Berkus show!